Kaylyn McAnally

Health Literacy Meta-Analysis: In an effort to identify determinants of health behavior engagement, I have conducted a meta-analysis examining the relations between health literacy, and health behaviors and outcomes as mediated by social cognition variables. Across 203 studies, we found health literacy to have a significant non-zero association with health behavior and outcomes. Self-efficacy and attitudes mediated this relationship. Overall, social cognition variables accounted for over 50% of the variance seen in health behavior engagement as predicted by health literacy.


Motivation Meta-Analysis: Self-determination theory is a broad meta-theory of motivation used to describe motivation and behavior engagement in a variety of settings (school, health, etc.). I am conducting a meta-analysis examining the relationship between self-determination theory constructs (i.e., intrinsic motivation, autonomy, etc.) and workplace outcomes including job satisfaction and burnout. The goal is to see if self-determination theory is a viable theory to predict outcomes in workplace contexts.